We offer FREE trackable shipping. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive the tracking number vie email.

There are (2) shipping timeframes. You will see in the product listing description the shipping timeframe in which you can expect the product to arrive at your door.

Timeframe 1: 4-7 Days
Timeframe 2: 4-13 Days

Most shipping timeframes are (usually) never as long as stated.

Trust us, they are WELL WORTH the wait :)

Returns & Refunds

We want you to be happy.

Please let us know if one of the issues below applies to your order:

  • Broken / Damaged
  • Wrong Item
  • Poor Quality
  • Item never arrived

If one of these applies to your order, we want to make it right!

We will issue you a full refund. We kindly ask that you please send us a photo of the item, unless you never received it.

We stay in business because of awesome people like you! With that said, if you need a refund please be honest and do not place an order simply to get a refund and keep the item. 

We have to pay the bills and keep the lights on!

Please email us for a refund at the address listed below.

Make sure to include your full name, order number and a photo of the item (unless it never arrived).